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Experience Complete Relief from Yeast Infections, Vaginal Odor, Itching, and Bacterial Vaginosis. Our Advanced Treatment is Clinically Formulated to Target and Eliminate Multiple Concerns. Regain Comfort, Confidence, and Freshness with Our Trusted Solution. Embrace a Life Free from Discomfort and Enjoy Your Intimate Well-being to the Fullest!

Our boric suppositories works so fast that you see results in hours which means when you insert 1 capsule at night, you see a huge difference the next morning.


✔️Treats & prevents reoccurring yeast infection & bacterial vaginosis in hours.
✔️Eliminates all vaginal odors - after sex odor, period odor, fishy odor and every other funny odor.
✔️Terminates itching, burning sensation, abnormal discharge. 
✔️Supports vagina pH balance.
✔️Visible results in hours.


▪️Women who have a very sensitive vagina
▪️Women prone to bacterial infections
▪️Women who are antibiotic-resistance
▪️Rebalancing vaginal pH after period
▪️Keeping the vaginal pH in check after sex

How to use:

Insert in your vagina at bedtime
For yeast infection, insert one capsule for 7days your infection will clear. For chronic reoccurring yeast infection, insert the capsules for 10days. For bacterial vaginosis insert for 14days.

How to use when you don’t have an infection?

Before sex, after sex, after your period, after antibiotics medication, when you feel your pH is off. OR 1-2 times a week for maximum benefits.

For vaginal use only, DO NOT SWALLOW!


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No need to second-guess – our natural solutions speak for themselves. Trust in the power of nature – shop with peace of mind cos you’re about to feel the difference!

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